Wedding Makeup Ideas To Inspire

Getting married may be one of the biggest events in your life. It’s a full day devoted to you and your significant other, the day you pledge your undying love before friends and family. This is a day that is all about celebrating your past as well as your future, and ultimately making epic memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

Perhaps these are just a few of the reasons why brides-to-be devote so much time and effort into getting their makeup ‘just right’ for the big day. That initial moment, when your guests, and your darling groom first lay eyes on you, is a moment you cannot repeat. The same can be said for the numerous close-up photos that will be taken throughout the day. Indeed, getting your makeup ‘just right’ is crucial! So how can you go about it? Here come a few great wedding makeup ideas that are sure to inspire you.

The Delicate, Dreamy Look

When it comes to wedding makeup ideas, sometimes the understated approach can be a real head-turner. Use a pale shade of pink on your lids, perhaps adding a shimmer of brown to the eyes to subtly create a dreamy look. Perfect this delicate look with a matching pale pink shade for your lips.

The ‘On The Side Of Drama’ Look

If you want to add a touch of drama to your makeup, without looking over the top, try coupling a natural makeup look with eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes. A smudge of black eye shadow will create a smokey look while a touch of bronze on your cheeks and a nude gloss on your lip will keep your dramatic look from being too extravagant.

The ‘Smokey With A Difference’ Look

The smokey eye look continues to be popular with brides, however don’t feel it has to be the usual gray shades to be effective. Jade green can be an excellent choice for creating a smokey eye with a difference. If you like the idea of such a dramatic look to your eyes, consider keeping the rest of your makeup fairly natural. You could opt for a light blush coupled with a nude lip gloss.

The Monochromatic Look

There is nothing wrong in having a makeup look that focuses on only one color. Experiment with different shades of pink or purple to find a look that makes you feel special. Consider a winged effect on the eyes to give an element of drama to your makeup. A touch of blush and a lipstick that perfectly matches you eye shadow choice will bring this monochromatic look together in a way that is sure to dazzle.

Indeed, we know that, along with the excitement and fun of planning a wedding day, come plenty of stresses and worries. Don’t let your makeup be one of them! Take the time to fully understand the makeup options that would look best for your personality and style. After that all that is left to be done is smile for the camera!

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