A Wedding Flowers Idea That Benefits Your Community

Your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, and it’s supposed to be that way. What are you supposed to do about all your wedding flowers after the wedding though? Yes, many people will often keep an arrangement of their wedding flowers to remember the happy occasion later, but there is one wedding flowers idea that you can take advantage of to fully share in the happiness of your new union with many other people in the community.

What Normally Happens To Wedding Flowers

The big day has come and gone, and you have already grabbed your favorite arrangements and plan to take them home with you. Now, as your guests are leaving, and the catering company that you contracted with is packing up their gear, there are flowers still all around your venue.

Soon, the florist will arrive and take the flowers that are left over with them and simply dispose of them. Normally, these flowers end up simply piling up in the dumpsters out behind the flower shop. This is very sad because the flowers used at your wedding still have many days’ worth of beauty in them.

What if you could take these flowers and provide an amazing experience for many other people in your community? You could share the beauty of your special day with everyone else, and make certain that none of your flowers went to waste.

Consider Donating Your Flowers

Instead of allowing the florist to simply take them back to the flower shop and throw them away, try to find florists that participate in flower donation programs. I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what kind of donation programs are out there, now?

Well, for starters, there are many different florists that contract with cemeteries to make certain that gravestones are given new flowers. This results in people who are visiting the cemetery feeling very welcomed and as though their loved ones still have people who care even after their passing.

Best of all, the flowers are not wasted, and you provide a little bit of joy and happiness to those who are in grief. If cemeteries don’t really appeal to you, there are many other opportunities for your flower donation to go a very long way.

Another great venue outside of cemeteries that really appreciates flower donations, are nursing homes and other medical care facilities. Instead of allowing your florist to simply dispose of flowers, ask them if they would mind taking them to the local hospital or nursing home to be given out to residents and patients.

The people who are patients in these medical facilities will truly appreciate having something as beautiful as one of your wedding flower arrangements to look at in their rooms. Often, it can brighten their day and truly help with a speedy recovery from their illnesses.

One final place that you could donate your flowers to are local schools. If your wedding is taking place during the school year, students are often very grateful to receive live flowers that they can work with in art classrooms and other creative outlets.

When donating to schools, not only are you brightening their day with a beautiful flower arrangement, you’re also inspiring them to create beautiful works of art that can last a lifetime.

What Will You Do With Your Wedding Flowers?

As you can see above, donating your flowers is one wedding flowers idea that is sure to make an impact on a lot of other people. By taking just a few minutes, you can make certain that your special day is shared with others, and your happiness becomes something that affects the masses.

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